Maude Bay Ranch and Retreat

 was originally settled in 1888 when  Farquhar (Fred) McRae was beached on the property during a storm when he  was rowing a small boat up from Vancouver looking to homestead. He  immediately saw the unique beauty and tranquility of the location and  homesteaded a portion of the overall property.  Soon after he purchased  the adjacent section of land from a fellow pioneer named 'Maude'. Hence  the name 'Maude Bay and McRae Cove and McRae Islets.  During his  lifetime, the property was farmed and selectively logged until his death  in 1924.  His oldest son Fraser, at the age of 9 and with  the help of his mother then took over and continued to build up the  farm and leased oceanfront sites for recreational cabins and trailers  until his death in 1989. Due to the unique location in Georgia Straight  and the windswept ocean beaches and bays, Fraser's friends approached  him about summer cabins on the beach. The first recreational sites were  established in the early 1950's and continue to be very popular.  Presently, Fraser's daughter Jackie continues to operate and manage the  farm and recreational sites.